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I have had several problems with this car. I have to get all 4 Michelin tires replaced within the first 3 years of purchase. I got the car brake pads replaced regularly but I had to get the rotors replaced too in 2006. Then, the driver side seat belt had to be replaced round about the same time. Recently (a month ago), I got the primary oxygen sensor replaced. Now, the latest major problem is Internal Trans failure and fluid leak diagnosed by Honda, a diagnosis that I had to pay for. This is unheard of in a car with 55K mileage. Honda sold the cars with defective tran systems in the first place. There was a class action lawsuit because of which they extended their warranty. Now, I am out of the warranty by just 3 months. They have asked me to pay around $700 to repair it. Honda should cover 100% of the repair cost. I am pretty sure that I will have to again replace the new tran system as soon as its warranty period expires. Because of this, the car is driving funny and using a tremendous amount of gas. When I called Customer Care and told them that the fuel economy problem (due to tran failure) had started about 6 months ago (when I was well within the warranty period), they said that I should have taken it to a dealership before. Since there were no visible sign on the dashboard or any other place, how will a driver know that there is something definitely wrong with the car? There might have been engine sounds but it is hard to discern it over the inherent loud din of the Honda engine. Even the Honda technician could not say for sure whether the noise coming from the engine was due to the tran. failure. Any other repair shop would have told me exactly what the problem was and try to repair it, but Honda always replaces the full trans system. Honda’s customer service is extremely unpleasant – they are rude and abrupt in their conversations. They have given me limited choices as a customer: 1. I had to pay for a diagnosis at a Honda repair shop. 2. I do not have a choice of getting it fixed from a different Honda dealership. 3. They have given me 3 days to decide about this and repair it. Priya Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.

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