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I want to warn people about Allen Mello’s attempt to rip me off. I have noticed in the other postings about Allen Mello on this site that Allen Mello sugests brake jobs left and right this time isn’t any different. Back in May 03, my back driver leaf spring snapped (for no reason or none that they could tell me) so I brought my truck in on a Monday. They told me they had to order the parts and it should be there in a day or so, needless to say I got my truck back friday. When I received my truck I was told I was in desperate need of a brake job running me about $400.00. I figured ok I need brakes I went to 2 different shops and had them look at my brakes so get a second quote. Both shops looked at me like I was crazy and both told me my brakes were fine. Aug. comes and my back passenger leaf spring now snaps, again no reason for why. I bring it in and go through the same as above waited days for parts etc. I also asked about undo wear on my shocks, tires and alignment due to both springs breaking and was told not to worry about it. I get my truck back and again I am told I need brakes. I tell them about my second opinion and they said well that was 8k miles ago and you need them now. I went to 2 more places (even a brake chain that would take my $$ just for stopping in there). Both places said the same thing I was more then ok on my brakes. Both places also told me that tires, shocks and alligment would have and most likely have been over used or not correct due to this problem. The moral to this is I just got my truck inspected and guess what ? My brakes passed 10 months and 12k miles later. This is the 3rd car I have bought from them and have had trouble with all 3 cars and their service dept. I know, why go back?? Well they have better prices and I keep hoping my luck with having my car serviced will change. But this time I will not go back. I had 2 jeep products between my last 2 Allen Mello cars and had zero problems with them and their service dept was fantastic. By the way this was on a 01 Dodge Durango Todd Pelham, New HampshireU.S.A.

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