BEWARE Of aquamarine personalised care based in East Ballina , Brian Farrell set this up after being involved in a multimillion dollar rip off !! Brian has a history of duping his employees and customers. Giving aquamarie care money is like putting your head in a sharks mouth , it’s going to end badly . Please save your parents or grandparents hurt , worry and pain . Aquamarine will undoubtedly cause you a huge loss of money but more importantly your familys comfort is more important. Please be advised and go to another care provider that’s got a good reputation that has not been made up. Aquamarine care and Brian Farrell will only take from you and dissolve the company once the pressure from clients start to build up. If your mad enough to offer them money demand a personal warranty (all respectable businesses will offer this) and ask to see accounts to prove the assets are in the company. Carry out due diligence on the accounts , assets and Brian Farrell see if your brave enough to give this type of person with the destruction in his wake the care of your loved ones !! once you do your due diligence please inform others , I saved you from family pain and hurt so please do your bit to pass on to more potential victims to this dispicapable practice they carryout on the vulnerable at a time in life when care and respect is most due ! Dont trust the smooth patter of aquamarine care , Brian Farrell teaches how to talk and sell and work on all your weaknesses at a time that your concerned about loved ones. He’s a professional con man and setting up aquamarine is the latest way to pray on honest people . BEWARE , RUN AWAY FROM AQUAMARINE PROFESSIONAL CARE AND BRIAN FARRELL

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