Unfortunately, I have a mixed review of Affordable Flooring. On the positive side, I think Rocky and Justin did a great job on my upper level flooring (4 bedrooms/loft/hallway). The problem is that the trim work was sub-par, and when brought to Rocky’s attention, he made 1 attempt to correct it. It still was not satisfactory in that the cuts were not even or balanced. Secondly, it was clear that they were unfamiliar with how to to install the laminate nose pieces for the stairs. Only 2 stairs were completed and I was horrified to see how they were done. Just to be fair, we contacted the provider of the stair pieces and asked for a demonstration of the proper installation. We had a meeting with Rocky and Justin on Sunday, April 15th at our home and explained what our issues and expectations were (~1 hour worth). Rocky said he would fix the trim the next day, but never showed up. I texted on April 17th and 20th with no response. After 10 days (April 25th), I sent a final text stating that he was overpaid for his work (which I itemized) and that he had breached his contract by not completing the work to satisfaction and if he did not reimburse me for the portion that was not completed, then I would pursue litigation. He immediately replied saying he would call after work at 6pm. He never did. They are thieves. I am highly disappointed in their work ethic when confronted with issues. I was willing to overlook the fact that he was late on day 1 (overslept) and had a day when he couldn’t make it and didn’t call. I had been looking forward to having them do my floors, trim and stairs for over 6 months. I have documentation of it all, contract (which he initally told me “he didn’t need”, but I insisted-so glad I did), text message exchanges with time/date, and a whole host of pictures. There is still ~800 sq. feet of flooring that will need to be done, in addition to correcting the trim and stairs. If I were to give them a rating, it would be 1 out of 5 stars. They owe me ~$600 for stair and trim work not completed. They have since not returned phone calls/texts and are deleting my reviews from their pages.

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