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I had AE Automotive do a head gasket repair and at first I was quoted $550 to have all the repairs done, which included parts & labor. I was not given an estimate! I picked up my car the next day, but I was charged $695.68 (which is $145.68 more than what I was quoted). I brought this to the owner’s attention (Brian Phillipsen) and I was informed that the extra charge was for my headers to be resurfaced and Brian claimed that it was more than what he had expected. I was not called in regards to the raised price of the job! Another issue I have with the work is, I was charged for an oil change! I never requested an oil changeBrian automatically did an oil change and charged me for it. Also, Brian charged me for “6 quarts of oil,” but the max capacity of my Honda Civic is 3.5 (according to the manufacture specification). I also got charged $18.75 for coolant when my radiator only holds 1.15 gallonseveryone knows coolant doesn’t cost $18.75 for 1.15 gallons! I have reported this matter to the Bureau of Automotive Repairs who has done an extensive investigation and has found AE Automotive in several violations; however Brian did not comply with the Bureau’s request to refund my money. Brian has responded to my complaint and endeavors to fight him on this by having his lawyer send a threatening letter to sue me. This is the way Brian chooses to handle his business, by coming after the customer when the customer is the victim. Stay away from this dishonest mechanic, because he is committing fraud!

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