• 5250 Elmore Rd. Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A.

My dealing with this company started in 2002 when I needed to get a rebuilt manual transmission for my Jeep. The first one I got developed a 2nd gear shifting problem so they swapped with me since it was not even 30 days old. The second one leaked gear oil if parked on a hill with the front pointed down. After dropping the tranny I discovered that the top casting plug for the one of the shifting rods was missing. After contacting them they said that they would have one waiting for me and some replacement gear oil for what I lost due to having to drain it. After picking up the part and the “gear” oil in an antifreeze jug I began to get worried. I asked the girl at the counter if it was motor oil and she said yes it was, they used it in all their transmissions. Needless to say, I was skeptical, but did use some of it to make for what gear oil I didn’t have. The tranny ran fine for about 10 months and then 3rd gear went out. I contacted them and all they wanted to do was offer me another rebuilt at $100 off. I wanted them to drop this one and fix it but they would have none of it. I ended up fixing it myself (~$500 in parts) which is what I should have done in the first place. A couple of things I noticed were that they didn’t use any gaskets to seal the front and rear to the center plate and their shop was extremely nasty. If I had seen the place where the tranny had been rebuilt before I bought it, I would have said no thanks. Also, motor oil contains sulfides and the brass synchronizers can be damaged by them. I have replaced the gear oil with a no sulfide synthetic. The OEM gear oil is best though a tad expensive. I would highly recomend not buying anything that they fix on site. Stick to the prepacked stuff or better yet go to the other guy on Hwy 64 or order from Quadratech. Rick Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.

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