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We became involved with CPS in September of 2013. Our daughter had divorced her abusive ex husband and for the most part her four boys lived with us for the three years prior. One of them almost his whole life. Once CPS became involved we had different agencies in our home two to three times a week each time interviewing the boys. They were interviewed at school, all the time stating how much they loved living with grandma and grandpa, how they felt safe and warm. How we took care of them, not like their mom and dad. In October of 2018 CPS removed the children from our care and completelyt destryoed seven lives. In December we were sent a letter from CPS stating that they had dropped their investigation into me for neglect and against my husband for allowing an injurious enviroment. Between October and January two of the boys were treated, one was hospitalized. If February they charged my husband for one of these incidents even though they had been under the surpervison of CPS. We have been lied to, told court orders exist that prevents us from even talkiing to the boys, which after looking at the file is completely untrue. We have sat in the courtroom and listened to the case worker and guardian ad litum both indicated that they had only visited the boys once in the preceding month. They have done nothing to restore the boys to their former lives, to assist the parents or ourselves, I believe “engage” is the term ADCO uses on its website to return the boys to the life they had before. Like many components of the Adams County Government the fuedal lord systems seems to be in place. The attitude that they can do or manipulate any situation to their liking. If questions are asked your threatened with jail time, investigation and harassment. The quality paving scandal, the county assesors favoritism, and child protective services complete misguided and incomipetent exercise of their duty for the citizens of the county. We are still involved in clearing our name, and will pursue legal action against the county, the caseworkers and any other agency that failed to uphold it’s solemn promise to serve and protect unbiasedly and without discrimination.

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