• 401 FM 685 Pflugerville, Texas United States Of America

Do NOT take your car here. Took my car in there for a rebuildable engine which could not be re-built. so then he put in a used one in, and a new starter, still wouldn’t work. This took 9 WEEKS..I am a female, widow on Disability with no transportation, also looking for work. This has cost me so much time and money. Adam lies, and he doesn’t finish the work. After 9 weeks he lied, said I took my own key ( probably a mechanics ploy) and that told him I didn’t want him to work on it. He then put a fraudulent mechanics lien on it, and surrounded my car. He assumed this without asking me. I told him that was the furthest thing from my mind, all I wanted was my car to be fixed. I offered him my other set of keys and he refused them, as I have a witness. I also had to put 1000.00 down. He wants 1400.00 more for a car that is not finished. Our agreement was 1900.00. Parts are 500.00 and I have yet to see any receipts.He marked over the original agreement.with price changes He said he was mad that I got mad and raised the price. He just put my car in storage when for 2 months he had it outside his shop. I even had to make them lock it. Guess he makes a profit by putting in storage. I am now taking him to Justice Court. He also left car parts inside the car and with this heat the car reeks of oil smells, ect. Save yourself alot of headache. They never answer the phone. They say they are working on the car when they are not. The most unprofessional comments were made to me about my deceased husband, which had nothing to do with my car, and he claims to be a Christian. They now have 6 complaints with the BBB, in 1 year and 2 months, and 4 not resolved, including mine, not to mention other complaints all over the internet. My car saga has been going on will be 3 months on August 3rd .I had a beautiful Chrysler Sebring convertible, kept inpecabally nice on the outside and inside, now I have nothing, and had just gotten the title..Have heard that he has been arrested for assault he has been arrested before, so that shows me where the temper comes from. He is the devil in disguise.

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