On May 20, 2010, my transmission failed due to the transmission differential of my 2002 Dodge Intrepid not being serviced. It was the fourth transmission rebuild after 19 months. November 2008, March 2009, July 2009, I deployed overseas from September 2016 to February 2010, and in May 2017 after driving it regularly for less than four months the transmission failed again. I, Taurean, seeked reimbursement from AAMCO Lockport as it was discovered that it was their shops neglect that resulted in the failure. Proof of this allegation stands from the unlubricated metal shavings found in the final drive, the photos of the transmission disassymbly taken by the adjuster as AAMCO of Fayetteville NC technicians took the transmission apart, and testimony by AAMCO of Fayetteville representatives that the failure of lubrication was the reason that the differential failed. Stephen Rodgers, AAMCO Lockport manager, forwarded a rebuttal to my claim via the Better Business Bureau and after making several attempts at trying to resolve this issue directly with the business (through their website, email correspondence to consumer relations representative Mike Pekula, and directly with the business). Of the five major concerns listed in Stephens (AAMCO) rebuttal I was sure that I had enclosed enough information in attached report with documentation to assist AAMCO in understanding why I am seeking reimbursement. The second and third claims addressed in AAMCOs report are related to the claim of the longevity of the 2002 Dodge Intrepid after AAMCO’s repair in proportion to my move. Stephen stated that the vehicle could not have been driven for 10 months or in transition to Fayetteville, NC without suffering some sort of catastrophic failure. Understanding that he knows what could of happened enlightens me to the risk he was willing to put me and my then 8 month pregnant wife in. However, I had included all the information needed for AAMCO to completely understand my situation as the use of the vehicle was much less than what Stephen had speculated as I explained in my report that I drove less than three months due to my deployment (September 2009-February 2010). Using it only for the remainder of July and not regularly again until I was in place in NC. I also added in my report that I drove a rental vehicle for my house hunting and transported the 2002 Dodge Intrepid on UHAUL auto trailer while also providing photos and receipts to substantiate my claim. Still with no response.AAMCO (Lockport) claims that the differential could have been un-serviced during some other maintenance would first have to argue the claim “that there was no sign of lubrication at all since install” (parts were replaced when they did the rebuild in July of 2009) and “that the fill plug and drain plug appear to have never been removed. Claims made by the technician’s of AAMCO Fayetteville during the disassymble and included in the adjuster’s report (written and photographed documentation). In Stephens rebuttal he contested against the reimbursement amount that I seeked, as Stephen claimed that I had only paid $205 toward the total cost of repair. This statement was made while not including that this ordeal has resulted in lost wages (from GEICO and the DOD civilian position totaling $730.96), taxi services (totaling approximately $253.52), and the $1,414.43 paid out to have transmission rebuilt again after the May 2017 failure. I included the rental car charges from May 28 to June 11 as these expenditures are a direct result of AAMCO Lockports poor workmanship(over $500). The vehicle was rebuilt under their warranty work (July 2009) and not rebuilt as per the standards set by the manufacture’s specifications, and resulted in a failure of Taurean’s 2002 Dodge Intrepid. And it is that reason that I believed that it should be covered.I have been advised by the Better Business Bureau that I may seek legal assistance and to even pursue the company in small claims court. Considering our business relationship and the additional costs that would go into flying up to NY to make those appearances I wished to give the company an additional opportunity to resolve this issue one last time before I continue.

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