Michael Hough, dba A Chimney Bug. signed contract in February 2018 to install 4 liners in my 1900 house. After Easter informed me that liners could not be installed without tearing down newly rebuilt chimney for an extra $1,000 in addition to $6,000 down payment I had given them in February. I refused to have the new chimney destroyed at which point Hough said he could only install 3 liners and would have to permanently close off fireplace #4. This was after having broken out the new flue tiles and saying that throat dampers would be impossible to install. He wouldn’t show when he said they would work, saying that they had other heating & air jobs. (no record of H&A license in Mecklenburg County) He left insulation in all 4 rooms in which the fireplaces we located, destroyed the fireboxes in all 4 fireplaces, left bricks piled on my front porch and dining room hearth, a pile of debris in the yard, left 2 smashed stainless liners, broke my yankee gutter beside the chimney, left tarp on top of chimney. At first he wouldn’t return my calls, then the number wouldn’t accept incoming calls, now BB report says “business is closed due to owner’s stress, that people owing the business money would be forgiven but that any claims against him would have to be filed in court.” I am senior citizen on fixed income left with a structurally unsound chimney, piles of mess to clean up and 4 non-functioning fireplaces I was dependant on for winter heat and out the $6,000. Don’t ever, ever do business with this pirate!

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