Hello, On Jan.15 2010 received a backdated to Dec.31 2009 “refusal” without any signature from the Grievance Dept. The refusal to pay 70 % for a urine and stool tests and the doctor visit which I claimed. It was an out from network service which I needed being in sink, many times disabled through the “symptons” treatment which was restricted different steroid pill and injections. Due this treatment I faced with side effect like ulcer and later on “lupus” shown by my bloodtest. Because the treatment was hopeless getting more bad health issues I called the Freedom member services for information about outside of the network. The information permitted me to access providers out of the network with 30% coinsurance. I prepaid the above 2 tests and the doctor visit and according their letter the doctor dr. Springer didn”t provided them with any correspondence. I just got the info it is not true. Besides of this I”m a 72 years old citizen who has to work because my Soc. Sec. benefit doesn”t enough for monthly food. In the health situation in which I”m suffering 4 years long many times I was cripled not able to work. With the program for which I paid from my very small saving I”m getting better from day to day. To get better after 4 years suffering I needed both above tests and a doctor who is here to help and not only “prescription machine”. The health care which Freedom provided me it was a minimum which somebody can get after paying Medicare – never used any hospital and the so called treatment was only bloodtests, 1 bone scan which I was begging for, 2 X-rays because the 1st one didn”t come out right and medication cheap generic. Please help me to get back the $875 -70 % health care insurance. Thank you very much. K Dora Lerch my e-mail address: [protected]

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