Cynthia ValVerde

  • Los Angeles, Ca
  • Scam

Transexual, transgender, seduced men with naked pictures, while lying about being a woman . Sex change in 2017. Los Angeles ca , Mexican American man 24 years old . Wears a wig for fake hair and woman’s clothing. Dangerous and has STDs . If you been with this person get checked out , HIV positive and takes steroids and hormones to sound like a female. Please be careful armed and dangerous!!!

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  • I got HIV from her/ she was a man

    This man who o thought was a woman came to my home last year 4th of July weekend. He stayed in my home a few days and I got. A call from a close friend. I didn’t know who he was until my friend seen the picture and said all my Israeli friends know he is not really a woman. I told him / her to leave my house and she tried to force me to have sex and hit me with a fireplace stick. I had to call the police to take her out and I just got tested positive for HIV. Everyone should know someone very well before having sex with them or invite them to there house. I regret this day and hope people will know and not make the same mistake. I really thought it was a girl . She is a big liar I didn’t know she did sex change before and how this is possible. Only in ami guess

    Daniel Leibo July 8, 2020 6:41 pm Reply
  • I think this is the same girl

    I talked with this person in jswipe thinking it was a girl. I exchanged pictures with her and then decided to meet with her since we bother live in LA . First of all she claimed to be Jewish Wich was a lie . Also she said she was married Wich I thought was weird for her to be on a dating site. I think he says he’s married to look like he’s. Really a female. Anyways I met him / I’ll say him because it’s not a girl . Cynthia-Valverde is a man who i later learned had a sex change and I couldn’t tell . But when I took off her clothes she had the worst smell ever and her vagina did not look normal. It looked like really big and not what I’m use to seeing. After seeing her body I wasn’t in the mood for sex any more . I told him I had to go and that is was really nice to meet him. He started to call me names and say that I wasted her time . I’m very happy I didn’t do nothing with her , because all my friends confirmed she is a guy and also has a disease. So who ever reads this don’t trust just anyone and also be very cautious of woman who are to forward . Something fishy I knew it . Normal girls don’t send naked pictures without my request. Terrible

    Tomer Abutol July 14, 2020 7:32 pm Reply
  • Sick human

    I am disgusted with this person that I can’t believe what he did . He acted like a woman and even talked like a woman . all she/He talked about was sex and sent me naked pictures. I was thinking wait girls usually don’t act so horny. Anyways the girls I know have respect for there body. Anyways this girl / guy he’s a guy and I found out the night we went to eat at a outside pub in Santa Monica Blvd. He told me his vagina it was made through surgery and a few years ago he decided to fully be a girl . I was scared you know because I was thinking should I run, or say I feel sick. pls do not go out with this man Cynthia Valverde in Los Angeles. He is not a woman and has STDs from watt I hear and HIV . I didn’t want to believe it , but it’s real so he careful. Now I need to get a blood test to check myself what a weird bitch!

    Guy sellouk July 25, 2020 4:02 am Reply
  • Don’t be fooled

    OMG where can I start. Is it right to deceive people? No and to top it off she had a disease. Not cool at all . Not only ugly but a complete waste of Time. She / He smells terrible like straight fish and body odor. Take a freakin shower ugly fat Gay lady / man .. whatever you are !!!

    Gal Biton July 26, 2020 1:34 am Reply
  • Transexual desperate for attention

    So, firstly Cynthia-Valverde is a guy pretending to be a girl. This person has a Instagram with lots of pictures that may look like a girl , but he is not a female. This person pretends to be Israeli or Jewish and sends naked pictures to guys in hopes they will sleep with him . Attention seeker definitely. I thought by the voice it was a girl . But the sister of this person told me he had a sex change in 2017. I’m really happy I didn’t have sex with him / her and get sick. Watch out , if you confront this person they will only lie to you and deny ever being a man. From what I hear his brother that died was gay as well and it runs in the family. Very sick family

    Shon kashty August 1, 2020 7:46 pm Reply

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