here is a great one Dont know much about COnrad Huss execept that he is the CFO that was instructed to sign 2 different contracts with me which the company lawyer approved on their end and his CEO and president, Best off all i call him to the table and none of these so called men will own up to how they made me homeless by screwing me out of a contractual salary. However i did get a nice email from Conrads boss Steve Hicks who if he knew how to read he would have seen i had nothing bad to say of him , it is just to bad that Conrad works for him as well and seeing my first admendment right is free speach thta is what i am doing letting people know that Conrad Huss works for Southridge Capital in New York and Conn. and for people to due their homework on Conrad Huss and to see what a true dead beat he is, I mean they can go on trips and to ball games and out to dinner but can they live up to andpay their contractual obligations ( NO ) because they are scum. Rob Gyemant , hides behind his wife, i mean how much more of his nonsense must she take , come on already Sally enough is enough Robs screwing us employees and you and he are living on my money from the contract your husband owes me. You got money to go on trips and put your kids through college, your no better then your husband , where is your self respect and pride, i guess having and slime like rob for a man ( if you can call him that) has rubbed off on you. but thats ok, becasue it just shows in the UCCs the dead water he is in. The man is a true slime, and i hope my PI finds out who he is filling job applications in with because i know they will be interested in public records, Last but not leaast the CEO Jamie Riley a man a real man ( if you like letting your lady pay your bills) here is a guy who knew he was closingthe business and had the testicals to go to the islands at Christmas rather they pay us employees. People the state of South Carolina Closed his business and Rob Gyemants and they still run them, But thats ok the IRS has these forms that my CPA filled out and sent in. I mean is Lisa Boyd still paying your rent. here is a guy who claims he was a CFO for a company, but when a Verification of employmeny was done ( which we have that in writing and a written statement from the CEO ) stating he nevr jheld that position or any for the place he said he worked and to add even more to that the clueless big game hunter Jamie sends me 2 different resumes with different jobs that nine were verified. Jamie Riley is a big nothing who lies and screws employees, Stay away from these guys, if you want to see all teh signed contracts and emails in black and white on what these clowns agreed to email chrisrussonaples at all the UCCS and legal action will not be lifted until these losers complete their contractual obligations in full , there is only 1 of 2 ways out of this be men and live up to your signatures on the contracts or KILL ME, tune in tomorrow for the updated report on how WIS TV in Lexington SC gets a complete package and exposes these men who hide behind their ladies . Your move Jamie.

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