Before I begin, I want to clarify how this website is a ripoff because there are no direct fees or charges. This website is ad-based which means it is free for users but it hosts advertisements. Such an arrangement can also be considered “soft dollar” which basically means the buck is passed. The “ripoff” is that the site claims to provide safe chat rooms for kids as young as 13. However, all chatrooms are dangerous and have variable levels of illegal activities. What this means is that the site is claiming something it is not and is receiving monetary compensation from advertisers (which are nude cam sites) based on this lie that it is a safe place to chat. This website is a huge portal for all kinds of illegal activity, from hacking to the selling and distribution of child pornography. In addition, the safety of many users has been compromised by the many Trojan viruses that are installed in the users’ PCs. As well, many users have hacked into the PCs of other users. I have seen the personal information of hundreds of users posted in chatrooms, which obviously compromises their safety. There are even more cases of attempts by others to get personal information of users by asking other chatters. When this activity has been reported, moderators have not taken the appropriate actions, such as banning the offender and recording their IP address for future tracking of other suspect activities. Instead, the moderators are more concerned with enhancing their own chat relationships and tasks which require much less brainpower such as kicking cam girls who try to take business away from the site’s advertiser ( and kicking people for typing harmless words like daddy, n****r, f****t. Meanwhile, moderators do not seem to be concerned that chat rooms have become a center for distribution of child pornography. Although they claim they do not permit users to get naked on cam and claim they will report nudity to local authorities, I know of no such instance after reading the forums, asking 1000s of users if they have heard of any cases and investigating the website for several years. Although the moderators do (usually) kick people who are nude out of the room, they have never reported IPs to authorities according to what moderators have told me. The big problem is that the site has no paid moderators so they are doing it for free. As a result, moderators are not professional and are moderating only as a way to enhance their chatting relationships. For instance, most male moderators use their “authority” to date female chatters. I know of at least one case where a moderator meet and had sex with a minor. Because moderators are not paid, they are not so concerned with preventing illegal activities or cam nudity. In addition moderators are not in rooms at all times making the rooms breeding grounds for solicitation of illegal activity including child porn. In addition, this site posts links of an adult X-rated live cam site in all chat rooms, including Teen Chat and other chat rooms where 13 year-olds are permitted. The moderators are more concerned with policing minor things such as kicking people for saying the following words: daddy, n****r, f****t, etc. Moderators also kick people try to get customers for their nude cam shows, I guess because that is competition to the cam site they advertise for, Teen chat also has men on cam masturbating. Again, these rooms do not have 24-hr moderators, so the owner of this site will be held liable. I will be making videos showing what goes on in these chatrooms so that I can distribute them to the authorities. This site must be taken down and the owner must face criminal charges. In conclusion, based on extensive and careful examination of my professional opinion as an investigative research analyst is that this site and the owner have created an illusion which is meant to portray the website as one that in intolerable to illegal activity, cam nudity and so forth. This illusion consists of statements on the website made to make parents feel comfortable when their children visit the site, as well as incompetent, unpaid moderators who are really there to advance their own personal interests. Finally, the fact that rooms do not have 24-7 moderating means that illegal activities will persist. I know this because I have seen it for many years on this website. It is time for this site and its owner to face justice.

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