I purchased two Pomaranians with the understanding that where AKC registered. I was told both parents where on the premises. This was on January 30, 2015. I purchased these from a lady in Elgin, Texas. When I got there I was given exuses about seeing the parents and was never shown them. They had a pen full of German Shepherd puppies for sale and several Pomaranians. I paid $800 a piece for them with the understanding that the papers would be mailed to me. When I received the papers a couple days later, there was no mention of the lady I paid the cash to. The papers where Certified Pet Registration papers done on a comptor. The seller was shown as a Sandy Nance out of Austin, Arkansas. Had the phone number of 501-259-1501, which of course was no answer. I tried to call the lady back in Elgin, Texas and she never has returned by calls over a year later. I have never registered the dogs since I feel it is all a scam. Both dogs had diarreha and had to be taken to the vet. After a hospital stay to stablize them I was told that they had an gastorial disease that dogs got in puppy mills. One of them recovered the other one still has problems – and it is over a year. Has to have daily meds and regular visits to the vet. Together I have spent over $5,000 on these dogs to date. I feel the breeder and seller should not be allowed to sell any more dogs if she is in operation. The disease they had is only known in puppy mills. People in Elgin, Texas should be warned not to purchase from her. Undoubtly she is selling for the puppy bill in Arkanas. Jo Ann Smithville, Texas 78957

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