• 2340 South State Road 7 Miramar, Florida U.S.A.

Following a serious traffic crash, I requested Sun Towing/AAA handle removal of my wrecked car and sent to a body shop. C&C Towing on or about 9/1/04 STOLE my car from its location WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION and without my consent or knowledge. They are demanding over $300 in fees and will sell my wrecked vehicle, and not deduct the profit from sale of the car from the lien now on my vehicle. This is false and deceptive trade practices, and corresponding complaints have been filed with Florida’s Attorney General, The Federal Trade Commission, and the local media has been notified. It is time to expose these corrupt towing companies for the frauds they are. I encourage those who have had their cars stolen by C&C to report them to the state’s Attorney General. Auto Theft Victim City in broward, FloridaU.S.A.

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