I recently bought Fairings for my motorcycle from a company known as CBRFairings based in the United States, although it is well known in the Motorcycle community that aftermarket fairings could never match up to Originals I decided to go with an established company as I didn’t want to go through an eBay service as I thought they would provide better customer service. Turns out I was wrong, at least with eBay they are able to reverse transactions for shady practices, similar to ones used by CBRFairings. My first contact with the company was pleasant as they seemed helpful and eager to please, this all came to an abrupt halt soon after the transaction had been completed. Although my initial impressions of the fairings were good it soon became apparent that the quality was extremely below an acceptable standard especially since their website has a “Guaranteed Fitment”. I never expected them to be as the same standard of the originals however there were several blemishes and a few manufacturing defects which CBRFairings completely ignored when I brought it to their attention. After a few email back and fourth they ignore the problem and are now ignoring me altogether, after a bit of research I found many other users have had problems with this company; everything from quality of fairings and fitment, to complete disregard of customer satisfaction and even being caught out for stealing images of motorcycle fairings and passing them off as their own. CBRFairings is an extremely dishonest and crooked company, a quick look on 600RR.net and you can find several users with similar experience along with other fairing companies who actually do care about their customers.

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