My experience with the cattery Xarana from Jos Groeneveld, Holland I am fully aware that in the breeding of cats everything is not always perfect. The key, however, is how to deal with each other with problems. In April 2011, I picked Xaranas Nanouk up from Josh. The contact with Jos at that time was always very cordial. I bought Nanouk as breeding quality for Euro 1200. A contract I have not got. Jos told me that she takes Nanouk back when there should be something worng, we will always solve problems in an agreement. I believed her ….. As a young cat with just 9 months I set Nanouk on exhibition. There she became a champion. Over time, the undershot from Nanouk has increasingly worsened. I informed Jos. Jos said, Nanouk has breeder quality and many breeders have cats with undershot. OK …. My cats have perfect teeth. I was hoping that the babies from her will have good teeth. Unfortunately Nanouk has not become pregnant. I have informed Jos. I have tried 2 different tomcat. Nothing. Jos asked, I should try another hangover. Also I have it done. Even with the third stud from a breeder friend, Nanouk became not pregnant. Jos has always provided me with new demands: I should have to try a third cat, I should wait until Nanouk is 3 years old. I have always followed to her demands. But my breeding plans with Exotic were fallen Years behind. Jos has then proposed me in September 2013, she will give me in 2018 an animal in lovers quality, as a substitute. I ask you: What should I do as a Breeder with an lover animal? Then as a replacement I should get an animal in Breederquality but I have to pay again 600 EUR. That would be 1200 euros for Nanouk, 600 euros for a replacement animal = 1800 u20ac for an animal in Breederquality? I suggested Jos that she refund me half of the purchase price. The lines with which she now exclusively breeds are for me, for breeding, uninteresting. There were problemes in other Catteries with animals from the cattery Xarana. This grief and this lines I ill not have! I think that’s understandable. Breeders who had cats from Jos, reported their concerns: Nanouks full sister Nina Ricci in a Belgian cattery is dead Sweety in an Austrian Cattery is dead On May 30, 2018 I have neutered Nanouk. Jos had demanded this and she has received the certificate of castration from me. Nanouk was 3 Years and 5 months old. After much back and forth Jos has assured me on 14/6/2018 to send me 600 euros after her holiday at 11.7.. Jos has asked me to change the text on my homepage about Nanouk. I have changed it. I have ALL requirements of Jos met and hoped that the chapter with Jos is now complete. I have omitted half of my money. I wanted to be fair. And now? Well Jos writes me that she does not trust me. (SHE don’t trust me? Why ?) She will not pay any money. I have ALWAYS met all her demands! Jos wanted to give me half of my Money.. And now? Now I see that I have the last 2, 5 years for my Exotic breeding lost and 1200 euros too. But I have an infertile cat with undershot. The overbite is so extreme that Nanouk the tongue has ALWAYS outside. Nanouk is a sweet cat, but not an breeding animal. I would dispense with the half of my money and no one would have to know about the History with Nanouk and the other animals from the cattery Xarana. My money I will not get. Jos may be happy with….. From this experience, I can only strongly recommend all breeders when buying a cat to insist on a contract with the seller! Best regards Ute S. P. Cattery Silverbells, Germany

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