I’ve been on the site starting in 2008. And, I’m very disappointed about the caliber and types of people, “women”, I met. They are not properly screened and I gather the same may be apply to the male gender as well. I met this woman back in 2014. We dated and I understood she had alot going on in her life-a houshold of grown children, and two small children, eight poeple total in a small old two three bungalow residence. Her children very, very dependent on her, even though fully grown up. She is full time employed and is now trying to complete her religious studies degree at a private university locally. I undrstood and knew that from the very begining. But, her motives on Were Not Clear. I stated Very, Very Clearly, my search for a life long commitment. She “bluffed” her way through those years pretending the same intentions. I believe when I gave her a pre-engagement ring, that caused her to retreat defensively and became very sarcastic, rude, ugly, and even hateful toward me. This site is apperently a big fat scam. The personnel are boorish and callous about addressing complaints and problems. Oh yes, they refunded my subscription but informed me they would remove my account PERMANENTLY! Bad customer service, siding with The Devil. This woman filed a complaint with them, and when I try to give my side, deaf ears and very negative response. In short, this and I may add these other “Catholic”, “Christian” sites are money making scams that need to be publically displayed for what they are. All it is is Numbers and Profits, no real interests in the genuine people who may believe it is good and sincere.

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