• Cornwall, Ontario Canada

I purchase a caliper from canadian for about 64.oo and got a rebate for my old one, which was 30.oo. This was good. But after the staff made two mistakes about the product, I called them requesting my old caliper back. They were quite rude. When I returned the unused caliper to the store they charged me another 35.oo approximately. What I cannot understand is why was I charged this fee when I returned the unused part. When I returned to the store the next day, they just evaded the issue why I was charged the extra money. I told them I was being charged for a new caliper, but in fact I only wanted my old one back. The service department only had me running around for 10 hours, trying to fix my caliper, and having to pay extra to the friend that was fixing it, to borrow his car to travel to town, which is an hour travel time. I just wanted to let people know that canadian tire in cornwall is one of the biggest ripoff artist known. I tried to find their email address for the head company in Toronto, but as usual they evade all direct links. If someone could direct me in the right direction, this would be fabulous. Janet newington, OntarioCanada

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