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I took my car to this location to get fixed, First the Dennis from Byrds Automotive told me i would need to get the head gasket replaced on the car. he told me it would be 830.00 dollars so i said ok and gave Dennis 150.00 for a deposit. then i got the call later that day. Dennis stated i would need to have the radiator replaced and my water pump and timing belt i stated that there was nothing wrong with those parts because my car only had 49.901 miles on the car and i told him the only work i want done is the head gasket he said fine. well i came in and paid off my car and when i asked for my car he said he needed the money upfront to fix the car i said fine i gave him the rest of the money 830.00 on 02/10/2008 he said the car will be done my Fri 02/13/2008 i said ok. I came back into the shop on fri 02/13/2008 to pickup my car and Dennis told me that the piece did not come in and the car was not done. so then I flipped about to him and said he had my car for six weeks already. so then i left and on the 14th i moved back to NC because i lost my job due to not having a car. I then called the 02/18/2008 to see if the car is done and the Ms. Gina Boyd (Secretary) stated that the part was lost in transit and they would need to order anther one. so finally Gina called be on the 02/24/2008 and said that the car was leaking water and i stated that the car never leaked any fluids before and never had a problem with leaking fluids. well i told her to give me an update so i can get a bus ticket to get the car. she said ok. then she called me around 2:00pm and told me my car is done and to get the ticket i was so happy that the car was finally done. so i got the ticket to get back to ms to pickup my car at 2:30pm. well i got the call at 4:30 pm from dennis and he stated that he is charging me and additional 375.00 because he needed to put in freeze brackets i stated that nothing has ever leaked from my car and that they did not need to be replaced i also stated that why did it take so long to get the head gasket but he was able to get freeze brackets for my car on the same day. I then stated that I did not have the money to pay 375.00 because i lost my job to him have the car for so long. he then stated that he will rip my car apart and rip the peices out of the car. I still to have the car. Steven greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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