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I rented a Budget Truck for moving from North Carolina to Washington State. Two hours into the drive it broke down- it started acting funny about an hour into it!!! It was a broken head gasket- I feel that it wasn’t examine correctly. We waited an hour and a half for someone to even come look at it. Once it was determined that we needed a different truck, the corporate office was supposed to call a nearby franchise to tell them to release a truck to us. We got there and the guy wouldn’t b/c it was already reserved and no one called. So we waited. It took four and a half hours for us to get back on the road!!! THEN when we finally arrived and unloaded we found a piece of my bed that hold up a corner of the frame had been knocked off and was missing. It was definitely on originally and we didn’t move our stuff from the broken truck to the new truck…a contracted service did. So, I called Budget customer service. They sent me to claims. Claims told me to check back in three weeks. When I did, the claim with there insurance had never been entered. So again, we filed a claim. This time, their insurance rejected it, saying that was a contracted service. They told me to call GE Services who in turned told me to call ALS fleet service(basically no one knows who’s in charge). ALS fleet says they don’t actually do that, one of their guys on the side does it. I finally and contacted and their insurance says Budget should take care of it. I call customer service, they send me to claims and the WHOLE process begins again.

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