• 11279 Marion St. Northglenn, Colorado USA
  • Scam

WARNING: Do NOT Rent from these people especially if you’re female Landlord is 60-something year old truckerRoommate called “Caretaker” and “Manager” is 50-something year old They portray themselves as sweet trustworthy men. They are not. They are entitled, controlling, passive-aggressive, instigative, manipulative. They nitpick every little thing such as whether you empty the lint catcher in the dryer every time you use it. The harassing instigative text messages are constant. They will persist no matter how many boundaries you make or how many times you put them in their place with true facts. If you’re female, they will expect you to be the maid (such as empty the Landlord’s cat litter box in his bedroom), and expect you to not keep anything in the bathroom (and if you hold your ground, they’ll threaten to throw your stuff out of the bathroom and lock you out of it while claiming how the police can’t do anything about it because the house has another bathroom and how they’ve done that to a prior tenant). The house also has water damage and tons of dust/mildew/mold.

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