• 4001 S. Decatur 37-226 Las Vegas, Nevada United States Of America
  • Scam

I was going to a private party at the Hofbrauhaus House on Paradise that was scheduled to start at 6:30 PM. I was an hour early so I pulled into the parking lot across the street. I went into the bar next to the pharmacy and had a beer as I was waiting for my friend to arrive. He arrive at about 6:15 PM. We then walked across the street to the Hofbbrauhaus House to attend the party. We left at about 8:30 PM. When we got to our cars we noticed there were tire boots attached to our cars. A woman came up to us and said we were illegally parked and we would have to pay here $200.00 cash per vehicle or they would be towed. I then called the police as I thought this was a scam. When they arrived we explained the situation. They said as it was private property there wasn’t much they could do but if we had a receipt from the bar they might be able to do something. Well I paid cash and didn’t ask for a receipt. As we were discussing our options we watched about four different groups come and find themselves in the same situation. They claim to have 51 signs on there property but they aren’t very descriptive except to say you need patronize a business but not how long you can park there. Well the police said they have calls there all the time and the only way they thought something could be done was if they were taken to court. Anyway we ended up getting screwed and paided the $400.00 Hope this helps somebody from getting scammed.

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