Sent to Texas had to pick up a piece of junk trailer, then sit for two days. Finally got a load that paid 1500 miles actually turned over 2200. Told them I was going to leave because of my child’s health issue and staying out over the road wasn’t an option anymore! I finished the load and simply asked how much I would actually get because I had to pay for fuel to get home. After they said they would check I never heard back. Told them I needed to know something cause I was gonna have to borrow money and still nothing. I ended up paying them to work! First time pulling reefer and wasn’t aware of lumper fees. I had to sit at the shipper all night long because after five eastern time your not getting ahold of anyone! DOT is just barely allowing them to run with there conditional status! Complete and utter rip off stay away from big rock transportation!!! I ended up paying over four hundred dollars on lumper fees!

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