A change in ownership has resulted in a change in the quality of life at this complex. I Would definitely tell anyone looking at this place to keep looking somewhere else. The previous management was wonderful and resolved any problem if any ASAP. While the management may be trying their best they are unable to keep the property clean. I’ve attempted to address this issue and have been ignored for months, the management are some of the worst I have ever encountered. I Called the front office to report an accumulating ammount of dog feces next to my covered parking. Notified them multiple times since May, it is now months later and these feces are still there, they have actually become petrified. Bexley 3Five is such a disgusting apartment complex. You will easily find better for the price they are asking. I also recently tried walking the trails that were once neatly trimmed and kept up with to find the grounds covered in dirt, mud, and wild grass that seems like it hasn’t been cut in months. The trail was also blocked off by some type of machinery and long pipes! Not to mention the gates are always broken! This place was great to live in at first, now it just feels like another corporate mega complex where they cannot deliver “luxury living”. I am now learning of the fact that Weinstein Properties rips people off here all the time which goes to show how this place is run.

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