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I received a remote car starter for Christmas from Best Buys and what a Christmas present it is. I might have it completed by next Christmas. When I bought it they said free installation and wouldn’t take money off if I installed it. The first time I took it out there they wanted to sell me extra stuff that the origional salesman had already sold me. second it took longer than they had told me it would take. Next they have a sign up on the wall stating how clean they were as they would clean up their mess and even vacumn the floor. The floor hadn’t been touched except with the insulation from the wires were all over the floor. Next when I took the car home I checked it out to see how it workded it was alright I guess except when I raised the hood to the car the engine continued to run and I had read the installation instructions and the instructions stated in bold letters if this safety feature wasn’t hooked up it would void all warrenty and can’t hold the company liable. I immediately called them back and they were mad because they couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. After all as they told me they had done that to all the vehicals they do. My God man somebody is going to loose an arm or hand or something. Anyway after arguing with them I had to take time off work to deliver the car a second time. I also asked about all the extra parts left over in the box they said they were for other options. I said I paid for the remote car starter kit, that means everything. There was a LED light that wasn’t hooked up a on/off toggle switch and a whole lot of extra parts in the box, I want it all hooked up! I got the car back and they hooked up some of the stuff but not all. By now I am extremely pssd. I called them back again and told them that some times the car won’t even start. Again I read the installation manual and it said that the best installation method is one called tach mode which means the car will turn over until the car is actually started but for that to work they would have to run a wire to the tach off the coil. They didn’t do that either. I called Best Buys head quarters, they didn’t return my calls. I emailed their headquarters,they sent me an email back stating the email had been forwarded to the proper dept. I haven’t heard back from them. You are my Last hope, is there really any justice in the world. I will NEVER return to that misserable place ever!. John Des Moines, Iowa

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