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I agreed to have (Bayonet point Engine Remanufacturing), rebuild my engine, transmission,and carberator on a chevy 350.The process was to take max 14 days.It took nearly 30 days.They did not car I was spending $35 dollars per day on a rental car.When I would go to the shop there would be no one working on my car.This was after they had got 1/2 of the $4,000 dollars up front.The owner told me “work is going on that I dont see. After days of deadlines coming and going I was supposed to pick up my car.When I arrived at the shop the car was running very rough.Pam who is Randys wife (the owner), was working on my car with Darrell who is a mechanic for Bayonet point Engines. The car was surging and ideling very rough.I said “wants wrong with the engine”,Pam said,” nothing is wrong with it”.She called Randy and randy said, “you have to take the car and drive it out”,in the meantime the car stalled and would not start back.Pam became very loud and said, ” there is nothing else I can do, the part stores are closed!!!! put the car back in the garage. I looked at the overflow Bottle and it was broken,she said I broke it,I was completely discusted with Pam, she is not a people person to say the least.The next day she called and said your car is ready (7-17-09) come get it.I arrived that evening paid her and drove away.The car stalled 3 miles from their shop.I called Pam and she said,”it was running fine when you left here”. She begins trying to accuse me of doing something to the car .She said “I told you you can only drive in stop and go traffic due to the engine being rebuilt”.She said she would call Randy and call me back.When she called me back she said,Randy said,”I am not going to adjust the carberator every hundred miles’,I told her I am broke down ,she she was speak to randy and call me back.The call never came I left 4 message that day,and per my phone records no return call.My car was towed to another shop where I was advised the carberator was not rebuilt properly.I spent $450 dollars installing a new carberator on my car that fixed it.On 7-19-09 Pam called me, and I advised her I had the car taken to another shop.I advised her the car was now running perfect with the new carberator.I could hear her telling Randy what had occoured, then I could hear Randy screaming “he’s a “FU–ING LIAR” as well as other choice words. Pam then immedietly said your warrenty is void due to another shop working on the car.I reminded her Randy Said “he was not going to adjust the carberator every hundred miles”,and she did not call me back as she said she would do.Aswell as the car was broken down in the middle of the road.I told her why would i spend hundreds of extra dollars if they were going to fix there mistakes? This shop should not be allowed to operate in this way.Please look at their Better Buisnes Bureau I have filed a complaint #67151045.They want the money then they look for reasons to say,you have no warrenty.I even told Pam to forget the extra money I spent and just warrenty the engine and trqansmission.They would not even do this. Pros: none

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