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I purchased a “new” lifetime warrantied rack and pinion from autozone, manufactured by “Atsco.” The rack and pinion casing developed a crack, and broke apart while driving. Busted on the passenger side of the car, lost all steering, like my steering wheel wasn’t connected to anything. Hit a tree on the driver’s side in the front, twisted the frame and body and did significant damage to the rest of the car. Filed a claim with autozone where purchased, they had me sign the claim to send off with the rack and pinion to the manufacturer, also included was a waiver of autozone’s liability, which I was not told about. Atsco (manufacturer) sent back the rack and pinion and said it was broken due to a collision, but did refund the cost of the rack and pinion + core charge as a “courtesy.” Have pictures of the rack ON the car after collision, along with pictures of the car overall showing damage. Robert Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.

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