Ipurchased a vehicle from Autofield (Autocorp) Sept 2011, Its been problems after problems with the car. Two weeks after i purchased the car the car wouldn’t drive i called Angel at the dealer (salesman who sold the car to me) and he said bring it back he will have the mechanic look at it. I told him the car won’t drive so i had to have it towed to NY. They had the car for 2 weeks and never called me to keep me abreast about the car until i called a week later and they told me it was the transmission i told them i want to return the car to them because i just bought the car and i want my money back. They refused and said they have to fix the car it under warranty. I wasnt happy about this decision at all. That was a sign to me that this car would just be problems and that’s how it has been. They fixed the car and called me after 2 weeks to get it. During the time of them having the car they received a ticket on the car and never told me about the ticket until i received a notice from the DMV stating that if i don’t pay they are going to put a judgement against me $175. dollars. After i received the car back 3 weeks later i had another car with the car cutting off and jerking. i called angel again very upset told him what the problem was he said ok have it towed you are still under warranty. I had the car towed again back to NY and when i got there angel said the car has to go back to the place where the used transmission was put in so the tow person took the car there and they said it ‘s not the transmission its another problem so i called the dealer back and angel said his boss wasn’t there and he had to wait to hear from him. The tow truck said he had to leave so he took the car off the truck and left it in the middle of the street. I waited for angel to call back to get a word and he never called me back. so i was left with no choice to leave the car at another mechanic in NY becasue the car wouldn’t drive . So i had to catch the train back to NJ and waited to get a word about the car. The next day Eutotech called me stating that it was the fuel pumps 2 and the car wouldbe about 1500.00 hundred dollars. I had to pay them 135.00 to find out the problem. i told them i couldn’t afford that and i would have to car picked up tomorrow to be towed back to NJ . The car was picked up the next day and taken to my mechanic. The car is still under warranty so i had to pay over $1000. for the car to be fixed. i called autofield and they have ceased all calls with me and now today i had to take off another day off from work because something else is wrong with the car. Please help me i was sold a lemon form this dealearship and i can’t get any help. Jennipher, East Orange, NJ

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