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My transmission went out on my 2003 Chrystler Seabring, I had purchased an extended warranty from AUTOSAVE (DELL FINANCIAL) when I purchased my vehicle for $1,895.00. That was on 4/9/05. The tranny went out on 5/8/07. I have been told by the AUTOSAVE people in no uncertain terms that they are not going to cover any of this. The dealership who diagnosed my car (a 30 year auto tech. veteran) wrote a report that the pump failed. Autosave sent out an inspector, who, did not agree that the pump failed (even though there was no way for him to inspect the pump), and wrote in his report, that it was an electronic component, which is not covered. After 18 days of back and forth with the Rick, they say that they are not going to pick up any of the damages. When speaking with Rick and his associates, to add insult to injury, I was treated badly spoken to harshly and not as if I was their customer, but a pain in their side. I have never experienced anything like this before. I called the used car dealership who sold me the $1900.00 warranty (plus interest), and they have not called me back yet. My car is torn apart at the Chrylster Dealership with already $450 into it, and the total bill for a refurb carb. is $4400.00! Wow, this seems so third world! Its hard to believe that any dealer would actually sell this to a customer and endorse such a scam! I am hoping that someone will stand up to the plate because I don’t see any way of putting $4400 into a car that I still owe $7,000 on and is only worth $7000 at this point! Anyone catch my drift? This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach and I really want everyone and anyone to know never never buy anything with AUTOSAVE’S NAME ON IT! How do these people sleep at night? Sincerely, Tami Chula Vista, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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