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This is the worst service ever. This company is actually a scheme to take your money. They absolutely NEVER fix anything. Always find the small print to deny responsibility. Worthless company should be ashamed of themselves. Advice for everyone -I learnt this after the hard way with them- spend some time and get to know a good handyman…..100% trustful, more reliable and go that way. Whatever happens is going to be more productive, less expensive and less frustrating than dealing with this company. The whole system, how these companies work, their M.O. is just to steal our money. In this particular case we had a washer machine in an apartment we rent out. It got broken. We have the best tenants you could possibly ask for, very patient. After several phone calls, visits and back and forth, Atlas technitian says we needed to buy a part….we sent them a check for $165 for the part…..they bought the part….they installed they part….then they told us the machine was not working and we needed to buy a new one……We go and buy a new “stacked” washer/drier machine. Ask for the $165 and they would not give them back to us. U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E-

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