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On 4/3/04 I went in to Xpress lube for an Oil Change. I was told afterwords that I needed several things done to my vehicle. I asked, are you all trying to jim me because I am a woman, they said no, you really need all these things for your vehicle to run properly. I in turn, told them to complete the necessary repairs. My total came out to be 265.32. My car has been running badly every since, I went in 3 weeks later and told them that my car was cutting off while I drive, they said I needed an additional part for $180. I told them no thank you. The mechanic insisted that I could not get a better deal any where else afer I continuously told him that I did not want them to repair my vehicle. I then went to another business and was told that I did not need the service that they had recommended. He then checked my vehicle and none of the services that I had previouly paid for had been completed excluding the oil change. Basicly, I was charged $265 for an oil change. My reciept says that they replaced my PC valve with a Quaker state valve, but my original Motorcraft valve is still in my vehicle. In addition to that The part # for the valve that they said they put on goed for a Chrysler vehicle and mine is a Ford. Fuel filter was not changed, Throttle plate was not cleaned, power steering flush was not completed, and fuel filter was not cleaned or replaced. I am very dissatisfied with this service and I would like a telephone number or an address to a corporate office. The Manager, Marcus was very rude and unprofessional. Cynthia Morrow, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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