Allowed potential buyers into my home with a contractor, without their agent or my agent and without my permission. They didn’t lock my door, also broke my garage door which resulted in it being left opened for several days, until a friend went and checked on my property. I asked her to go and secure my property and she told me to stop harassing her, then ignored all future texts. I have a right to be rip roaring mad. This is a serious issue and shouldnt be ignored or dealt with like this. Being almost 1700 miles away from my home and knowing it isnt secure, and the owner of the business would rather ignore me than secure my property is a very stressful and insecure feeling. I feel violated. I said the buyers could bring a contractor, but NEVER GAVE PERMISSION to enter my property without a licenced agent. Then to leave my property like this??? This is an unethical practice and then to add insult to injury, turn around and blame it on my property being a challenging sale and them trying to sell it asap for me. That is absolutely no reason to allow strangers into our property without a licensed real Estate agent. It’s also no reason to not make sure my property is secure and safe from potential thieves. I don’t trust this company at all. I will be filing a complaint with the Realtors association. Danielle Forino and Aroostook real Estate are not to be trusted!

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