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To all it may concern, I have had recently dealings with Antwerpen Motorcars located in Catonsville, Maryland at 6440 Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore, Maryland 21228. Unfortunately, I was not considered a valuable customer. Therefore, I shall write this letter for those whom may be concerned regarding the service they may receive at this dealership in the future. In May 2004, I had my Jeep Cherokee towed into this facility for service on a Monday morning. I had called in advance and asked if it was acceptable to have my Jeep towed in for service. I was told by (***Name Withheld***) that it was “No Problem” and they would be happy to check it out on the PCM (Car’s Computer) and let me know what problems there might be. I was told that I would be receiving a call on Tuesday or Wed. at the latest. Thursday arrives and I have not yet received a call from the dealership, naturally, I called to find out the status of my Jeep. I left a message and never received a return phone call. Friday morning I called and spoke to my service representative. She said, and I quote “The PCM (computer) is not able to communicate through the DRB (coder), you have a major electrical problem” Well, At that point I knew the service representative was full of s**t. They just hadn’t had a chance to take a look at the Jeep yet. I just had it on the Diagnostic a week ago and it was reading codes, no problem. The problem I have is, they lied to me. Instead of just telling me that they hadn’t had the time to check it out, they made up this story about how my PCM (Car’s Computer) was shot. Naturally, I figured I was going to be sucked in for $1,000 or so for the d**n computer. I DECIDED TO TAKE THE CAR TO ANOTHER DEALER. Upon doing so, The PCM communicated through the DRB and it was determined that I needed a new Crankshaft Sensor. It was replaced and my Jeep runs fine. Beware of this dealer, it is obvious to me that they could care less about their customers and anyone whom is not buying a new car that day. I would highly recommend that you do not buy any Jeep or MOPAR product in the future, they do not service what they sell. BTW, anyone whom doesn’t know anyting about cars would get TOTALLY screwed by these Pikers. Sorry, Antwerpen Motorcars. I was very disappointed. Toccet Columbia, MarylandU.S.A.

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