Nothing to gain other than telling it straight. PROS – Recovery Effectiveness. Quality of staff. Despicable sales, training, and overall business Methods. CONS – Extremely disappointing experience and this is from a recovering addict with true intentions and education entering this new field. I helped open the this place and was floored. If you are an addict and have lots of money and don’t really want help but a vacation with wounded staff to aid you along with overly aggressive nurses, Go. If you want real help, get off of that phone with the recruiters immediately and RUN and never look back at this company. If you are an employee -see comments in advice to management.This was probably the most disappointing and disgusting experience in my work experiences I have ever had, and all with a lovely deceitful mask of luxury and sincerity. Others who know what I’m talkin about should not feel scared to speak out but most are very scared of this company (and with good reason). They have the money and guns to do whatever they want. Still doesn’t make them right or untouchable. ADVICE – An example of this company is recruiting and having former heavyhitter Casino Sales floor executives for the community liason deptmt, sales, and recruitment of clients (that sum it up for ya?). CEO and upper management is extremely arrogant and full of ….. Most can see right through, but I guess some don’t mind selling soul for work. The majority of cult following are arrogant and smooth swindlers at heart. Advice: Stop trying to brainwash not only the clients with the cult-like book and culture, but also new employees. I was there for the grand opening of Desert Hope and it saw it all. Turnover rate is awful (like I said sell the soul or else..).. and the behind the scenes parties of this company are questionable to say the least.

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