RE: COMPLAINT ABOUT MAACO 3560 OLD SPANISH TRAIL HOUSTON TX ALI KHAN Sales To MAACO Coporporate Management: I had high hopes when I took my car in for service at 3560 Old Spanish Trail Houston TX. The sales agent, Ali Khan, appeared to be interested in satisfying me. In fact, he told me that the body work and paint would be completed within a week. I even left the car at the repair center when I received the estimate. Three weeks elapsed before the car was finally ready. When I saw the car 2.5 week after I had left it at the center, the car had been painted. However, the side molding had not painted and there were no pinstripes on the car. I picked up my car at the end of the third week. What became apparent immediately is that Mr. Khan had not certified that the work on the car was completed satisfactorily -nor did he appear to care. If he had he would have checked the entire car before I picked it up. At great inconvenience to me I had to return the car to Ali Khan to have the hood and door repainted. I also discovered the body work on the back just under the rear window was very poorly done. Once again Mr. Khan had not certified that the work on the car was completed satisfactorily. Mr. Khan’s communication skills may seem adequate because he is at first polite, at least until he is questioned about anything. Mr. Ali Khan has a difficult time supervising employees and satisfying customers. His refrains to me were comments like, “You didn’t ask,” and “Why didn’t you check..” To these comments I can only respond that Mr. Khan needs basic manager-customer training. As an agent of MAACO he is responsible for checking the work of his employees and giving customers essential information without them having to ask for it. Mr. Khan had the option today to satisfy me regarding the poor body work on the back and his lack of correcting it during the 2nd time I had to take the car to him. No, he never bothered to tell me he had to ask corporate for permission. I found out about the need for corporate permission after making two phone calls to him. Not the way to build a business. I have other concerns about this store at 3560 Old Spanish Trail. Bottom line: The poor body work on the back of my car on the driver’s side must be corrected immediately. I have been with MAACO since the late 1990s – I have all the sales tickets to prove it. I know that MAACO is capable of much better service than Ali Khan is providing. By the way, Mr. Khan possesses very poor sales techniques. He did not try to up sell once. He gives his customers very little information. You might consider sending this young man back for training. I’m pretty sure your sales could rise at the 3560 Old Spanish Trail location with customer service that is genuine. I am waiting for a date & time to return my car for the 3rd time to 3560 Old Spanish Trail to get one job done right.

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