I spoke to Daniel Richland on a number of occassions from the “law firm” of Paykin, Richland, & Fulkowski. They took my retainer (Alex insisted on cash), had a few meetings with me, and promised me the world in terms of their ability to recover on my behalf, their credentials and their ability to broker a settlement. I never got a penny. Although Richland boasted about his phenomenal intelligence (Paykin did the selling, while Richland pretended to be modest about it), and his ability to be “an a*****e” with the other side, all that happened is that he got the other side so angry, that they refused to work with me on ANYTHING. Now I hear judges mock them in open court for lying! There are even articles about it! Obviously, they never disclosed that Richland held five jobs in his first six years as an attorney (he is going on his seventh), nor did he admit that he’s just an attorney who specializes in foreclosure defense–which is a few steps lower than municpal defense work on the lawyer scale of things. Richland’s misplaced arrogance cost me and my family. He was deceptive in the way he said he would do things and in the way he represented he would do things. His writing is poor, and his attitude toward other attorneys — which is always supposed to be professional, nor matter what, and his poor standing and lack of experience cost me my case. It doesn’t help that Richland subsequently represented my adversary in the case, and claimed he was never my client because Payin took the money! I have been ripped off, and I am mad as h*** about it. I truly hope judges and other lawyers become aware of these corrupt people.

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