I hired Alex Deluna about 3 years ago to sell my house. I had had surgery prior to my transaction with him and had noticed that my Vicodin had gone missing. I asked Alex about it and this was the start of a few episodes I had with him that lead me to learning of what sort of realtor I was dealing with. Alex is a fast talker and is very convincing. At first you won’t realize that he is high on meth, pills or whatever falls into Alex’s lap that day. It is important to note that not only is Alex’s drug issue a problem at hand but also his lack of complete and utter ethics and morality. At the end of the transaction he had verbally agreeed to a $5,000.00 reduction in commissions due to his inability to sell my home for the amount he claimed that he could and when we closed escrow and he refused to credit me the money already agreed upon he blew up, lost control, flipped out, veins were popping out of his face and head, I think you get the point but the bottomline was that he and his meth addiction had blown up. His meth addiction blew up so much that went I attempted to take him to small claims court he had disappeared. No money to be found, no Alex to be found. It was only a few short months ago that I found out on the California Bureau of Real Estate that he had driven his car under the influence of meth and several other drugs and caused bodily injury to a family. He is now back doing real estate again with a new company named Berkshire Hathaway. If you care about your money, sanity, and not supporting drug derelicts stay clear of this man. If you would like to verify any of this information please go to the California Bureau of Real Estate and search for Alex Deluna, you will see a file called: Disciplinary or Formal Action Documents.

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