I purchased a service for them to paint my house on June 2, 2014. Spoke with the office manager and told her, I had a townhome that needed the trimmed painted because I was in going to be in breach with the HOA of my community. She asked several questions, and even asked the size ladder I would need. I specifically told her, “I didn’t know” but it was a two story facade. she told me I would have to buy paint and I was okay with that. We scheduled for 3 weeks out and on the original date they were supposed to come out, the office manager called 30 mins after they were supposed to be there to tell me the “whole house was sick”. We rescheduled for Monday. On Monday, a guy who I assume to be the manager, arrived 2 hours late took one look at my house and jacked up the price $400 more dollars. I was very much prepared to pay for the paint but I know it wasn’t supposed to be an extra $400. They screwed me over so bad, I am have to now scramble to find a painter, I took 2 days off from work and they have no remorse. This is the worst type of company that seems to enjoy the bait and switch.

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