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Bravo to Adolfo for seeing the need to rid of impossible policies. It is a start. Removing Bernard and Martha is only going to reveal years of covering up their ways of getting rid of those who couldnt make “the club”. Im thinking maby brother and sister sitting at captain of corrections and quality control assistant is just as dangerous as the hubby/wifey mexican thing. Maby the kids are a little less “clubby”. Club members will continue to get the perks that started this mess. It just leaked. Now hush will hush. The vets will get lists and the convicts will fiercly dial….8 hours a day to no avail. The 80/20 will rid them. Or Desire will turn the b***h switch on and take every last word that you have ever confided in her and tell you they have done you a favor by allowing you to work here and frankly they have all documentation to fire you as well as deny your sorry a*s of unemployment ecause you signed without reading and had to sign to get your paycheck at some point stat sheets that reflect the shitty weeks that you were redialing leads that all 7 programs are, were or have dialed over and over and you had no deals for 3 weeks. Yeah, you loser. I get commission every week y way of my people and I feel for those with the hope of making aliving. You will never make money here. It isnt going to happen. Get another job. Look at the banger commission, they pay those who know they have to and rip off those who are f**king lame. Look at all the directors and senior managers demoted last week. The tighty whitey warner and bro palmer bunch and another SWF with a name that rhymes with killer……. The manager that made Adolpfo mad last week will be back. His wife works here.Hispanic. He will come back and like Devon Jeffrys (Black man)……will quote previous rates to get loser reps deals and carry on. They are both part of the club. The club girls all wear skinny colored jeans with layered shirts to cover the fat stomaches that havent left since they hAd the kid ….that baby daddy usually is a currant loser agr member or a prior one. Its all a f**k pool. Or they will set you up by way of another employee stating they saw something off the chain… a criminal act… it spreads the floor like wildfire, your name… slandered . In a matter of a 10 minute break your name is being talked about, lied about ….Desire strikes again. And your in her office pissed off and she is yelling at you and if you cuss….suspension. Toast. The amnesty offer was brilliant, however as everyone now knows “club members” always have amnesty. Not one of them will be fired for not stepping up to the honest confession. The “Vets” refused to write a confession, so again….a threat in the break room….”hey short man…(adolfo) go back to your offic e. your empty threats and tearing up paper didnt work and we know this is just for show. STFU. Duh. Looking around, Ive concluded that racism is alive and well at AGR. Hispanics rule. Blacks safe. Whites with hispanic last names are safe. Then their are the plain whites. Not safe. Unless you speak spanish then your kinda safe. Mexi’s like to speak spanish in front of whites to make the whites feel stupid. Im hispanic, I do it. I hit on the chicks and get rid of low producers…its never the leads because I dont use them I also get leads handed to me by managers and martha gives me coffee and food from the activity center at my will. Just like she let my hp and other violations go when she was the QC lead. I feel for those who arent in my club. I feel for those who think they are ggoing to make aliving here because they got a banger by luck. LOL. Now Im going to go have a few drinks with the other members of the club to see whio needs to e on target this week…..I heard there were some waves made recently. Tsk. Tsk.

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