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This company is nothing but a slimy, dishonest, greedy operation. They were connected to Costco in the internet ad. Costco was offering a $50.00 free membership to people who might qualify. With this ad, they were giving a free offer for skin care. Anyway, I foolishly selected this product Ageless Beauty. It was for a free sample of serum for just the cost of shipping. The customer had to call and refuse any future shipments within 14 days so they wouldn’t have to pay for any future mailings. However, here was the clicker to stealing from the customer! The phone number associated with this order was never availabe. No matter what time of day I called, the line was always busy. One phone number attached to another product that I don’t even requesting put out by Ageless Beauty, I was told it was not the number to call for the serum. The girl gave me another number that is disconnected. I never received the so-called “trial samples” until 14 days later and then they sent more product with the full price! This is nothing more than a corrupt business scam! I’m reporting this incident to the Attorney’s General office as well. All products were returned to sender sent by Priority Mail! I didn’t think Costco would be involved with such a dishonest company!

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