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I purchased a Nissan Maxima from them almost two years ago. The car would never stay started in cold weather, and I took it back to the dealership to have them check it out. They checked it out and told me what was wrong and charged me $700. Yet the problem was the same immediately after I picked up my car and paid the $700. I had told them repeatedly that it is a cold start problem, yet they never asked me to bring my car in so they could keep it overnight to actually see what it was doing. When I kept questioning them about this, and even talked to the manager, they finally asked me to leave it overnight so they could test it the next morning. It wasn’t until then that they found the real problem, and told me it would cost me another $400 to fix it. I tried to reason with them stating that I had already paid them $700 to fix it, but it was in the same shape as before. They did let me excalate it to the manager, who was no help at all. They never would refund the $700 I had already spent to fix this one problem, and wouldn’t even split the difference with me so that I could afford to get the actual problem fixed, that they charged me for. Also, my sons had given me a full length gray wool coat for Christmas that year, which I forgot and left it in the rental car I had to pay for until they got my car fixed. They told me when I went to pick up my car that they would take care of returning my rental car. It so happened that my salesman J.P. found my coat in the car and stated that he would hold it for me until I could come pick up my car tags. Yet when I went to pick up my tags, I was told that my coat was no longer there, even though he told me he would keep it for me. I will never go back to that dealership for anything again unless they agree to fix the problem I asked them to fix in the first place, and replace the coat I had wanted for years, and that coat meant alot to me, as it was given to me by my sons. Carlotta Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.

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