• E. Sprague Spokane, Washington U.S.A.

Aamco Transmission, *Bruce-manager* took our money we spent $3000 on a rebuilt Transmision it was never fixed correctly. Been worked on 7 times in 5 mths. Now van is inoperable and Aamco won’t fix! In Feb 2002 we took our van to Aamco in Spokane because we were told by Bruce that he just completed another trany job for $1400. We authorized $100 worth of work to get an estimate. We called to get the estimate and Bruce (store manager) told us that the transmission had been taken all apart and parts were already ordered. We reminded him of the original $100 authorization and his reply “you need your van back don’t you”. We then told him of the other quote we had for $1800 from another dealer. He asured us we would work it out. We paid $1500 up front with pmts of $160 mth. The transmission did not work right as soon as be drove away. We retuned 5-7 times in 4 months just to find that it still shiffed wrong and slipped. In June we brought the van back and told Bruce that we would not receive another dime from us until the transmission was fixed correctly. Bruce agreed and when the work was done he assured us it was fixed and we paid him another $250. Bruce informed us we were square and paid in full. In Dec 2002 we took it back before going to vacation and were told by Bruce that our warrantee was null and void and that we owe him another $450 for a balance he said we owed. He already told us in June we were square and we never received a bill or invoice since. He is making this an excuse so he doesn’t have to fix our van because he knows HE messed up. We are now stuck across the state over the holidays with no way home because our trany is completely out. Ford quotes $4200 To fix Aamcos mess and we don’t have he funds to replace it again. Richard Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.

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