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i went in today for a simple trans fluid drain and fill – 120k schd maint. the mgr stuck his finger in the basin, showed me the dark fluid on his finger and said it was “burnt…the worst hes ever seen” and trans needed a FULL OVERHAUL tho no diagnostic was done nor was any metal detected nor was the pan removed. then instead of servicing as requested, i caught him and the tech siphoning the ‘burnt’ fluid back in!!! after asking if in fact that was what he was doing, the mgr explaned “he didnt want the liability” saying he couldnt get the old fluid out of the whole trans and just adding new could cause further damage. (i should have started recording him the minute he put his finger in the basin – would have made a GREAT YouTube video) in hindsight, now im worried if in fact they bothered to put it all back…then to get my key back he said i needed to sign a ‘refusal to service’ form explaining it was for refusing a full overhaul but its printed “customer declined repair” not his refusal to service. he then hand noted “fluid badly burnt” without noting what they did with the old fluid. after requesting he note this he only adds ‘no service performed’. again i had to tell him to note putting the old fluid back. reluctantly he did but only on one copy – he printed two as there was no carbon but attempted to give me the one without the added notes – i again had to request he add what they did on my copy.this was one of the worst service experinces i ever had. its a huge mistake to assume auto knowledge and intellect only has a certain face. i will tell everyone i know what they did and that AAMCO is the epidomy of service centers that try to take advantage of customers. im just sorry i didnt know about Ripoff Scams until now. sadly it seems the only american way is to be a con artist and its killing any sense of freedom we have – and no one seems to care. im just hoping this reaches someone who does.

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