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I took my vehicle to A Plus one year ago for service. The throw-out bearing was noisy and I had decided to install a semi-racing clutch to upgrade the trucks towing capacity.After offering to bring my own parts I was told they operated a large warehouse and would have what I wanted in stock. After specificaly discussing with the manager (Gary Roos) the type of clutch I wanted installed I was told the work would take one day. After three days I went to investigate the delay.I was told it would require additional parts and then shown parts from an automatic transmission which they tried to say were mine. When I questioned, this I was told how many years his family had owned the store and I was not qualified to question them. On the fourth day, I was called to pick up my truck. The clutch did not work at all and the vehicle was covered with greasy hand prints. I had left my charge card on the counter with the reciept while I went to check my vehicle. When I turned my back Mr. Roos promptly ran my credit card without my permission.I was forced to leave it over the weekend. It was Tuesday before I waS called to pick up my vehicle. It still was not right. I had requested my old parts back with proof of the type of clutch they had installed. They had installed an O.E. replacement clutch you can buy at any O’Reilly. To finalise…After many return trips, with them saying the clutch worked fine. I wound up having to replace the clutch master cylinder due to a fluid supply line having been smashed during their work. They deny any wrong doing and I am about to file suit in court for damages. Stay away, they are just a rip off with no business servicing transmissions of any type. Russell Houston, TexasU.S.A.

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