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These people are the scum of the earth,the are lower than worm sh*t. My wife and i purchased a 1994 caddilac seville from these jerks,we gave them our last 1600 dollars for the car they swore up and down that there was nothing wrong with the vechile.Well to make a long story short we almost died in the car .We were returning home with the car about 25 minutes into the trip I 25 southbound at 70 mph when a suv in front of us hit his brakes, I hit the brakes in the car and the pedal was like standing on a brick,i was actually standing on the brake pedal and the car would not stop.My wife panicked she noticed smoke coming from the steering wheel and the back of the car my concern was trying to avoid hitting another vechile and not to be hit by on coming semi trucks traveling at a high rate of speed I have never been so shook up in my life,my life flashed before my eyes and i thought about our 3 small children and the fact that they would become orphans. I had explained to these crooks that we had no transportation and my 3 yr old has to go to speech therapy and my 4 yr old has to have surgery for severe sleep apnea and my wife had to walk 4 miles to get public transportation.Well my wife lost her job due to the fact that we had to sit on I25 for almost 3 hours. I cant get a job because i have no transportation cant take the kids to daycare,my daughter still needs surgery. This guy is a bold faced liar how can you be a mechanic for 30 years and not know the car was unsafe we finally got the car back to the springs only to find out that the brake booster was blown and the head gaskets were also blown,the cheapest repair quote that i got was 2000 dollars.my wife got another job at Mcdonalds and i am stuck home waisting my life away.I wish for karma to take care of the scum because the magistrate awarded the case to them in conclusion they dont care about black people in colorado springs. I pray to god everyday to punish them

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