After contacting 1shotexpress online, I spoke with Richard who either didn’t know what he was doing or out and out lying my car was picked up 4 days late. When I questioned the paperwork at 2AM with the driver, I had to let the car go it was desperately needed. Calling the company in the morning and verifying the information I agreed to, it was all changed and they refused to allow me to speak to Richard who booked the car.I now had to deal with Chris in management. All he wanted to do was charge me more money and ask why did I release the car?? I was harassed by phone calls and emails for days on end with how they wanted their payment and it could only be in cash not billed on the card like the deposit. The deposit wasn’t to be taken until car picked up but they took that right away before the car was picked up. Now we all learned never do business with this company. They lied, harassed and acted like a bunch of school yard bullies.

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