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I took my Envoy to #1 Cochran in Robinson, in February, to have them investigate a “scraping” sound. I had explained to them that it sounded like it was coming from the right front and right rear. I also had a free multi-point inspection and a complimentary car wash. I had left the vehicle there, as they were busy. When Robert Gorlick had contacted me, he stated that I needed to replace the rear brakes and rotors, as they were “shot”. They had the vehicle almost all day. They charged me $467.48 to replace them. Everything was fine… so I thought. When I picked the vehicle up, they did not wash it like they were supposed to; it still had bird crap on the left rear window. I did not make a big deal out of it because they were busy, it was near closing time, and as far as I knew, everything else had been done. In April, I took the vehicle to my mechanic to have it inspected. To my surprise, some 241 miles later, I was informed that I needed to replace the front brakes and rotors, as they were “shot”. It cost another $344.48 to correct a problem that the service department at Cochran should have seen during their multi-point inspection, which they apparently did not do. I later received a notice, at the beginning of June, stating that my Onstar would have to be upgraded to continue working. When I called the service department at Cochran, Rich had stated that the vehicle needs brought to them, so that they can run tests for 15-20 minutes. When I got there, Rich took all of 45 seconds to get the VIN number and license number. He then told me that the parts would take a few days to get in, then I would have to bring it back so that they can upgrade it. Well, a week and a half later, the parts arrived. They were supposed to contact me, instead I had to call them to find out about it. I took the vehicle back to then and waited for it; I was told that it would be only be an hour or so. Well, over 2 hours later, it was supposedly done. $15 for the upgrade and 1 year subscription to Onstar, another $228.98, but at least my Onstar would continue to work. THAT WAS NOT TO BE!!! I had to wait 24 hours, then activate the new service. When I finally tried to use the Onstar service, it would not work. I contacted Onstar and they informed me that the dealer did not perform all of the required programming and that the vehicle would have to be taken back to them. I contacted the service manager, Bob, the next morning, and spoke to him about the service issues. I had informed him that I had another free multi-point inspection and complimentary car wash and that I would like for them to actually do both of them this time, not like in the past, in addition to getting my Onstar reprogrammed. I explained to him, in detail, the issues that I’ve had and in my opinion, how their service personnel doesn’t know how to perform the services they are being paid to do. He instructed me to bring the vehicle out Monday morning and that he would make sure that everything would get done correctly. Monday morning, and Im at Cochran again, 9:00 in the morning. It will only take about an hour to get everything done. I watched periodically through the window and saw them finally do a multi-point inspection. A little over an hour and a half later, Bob, the service manager, brought me the multi-point inspection paperwork and my keys. I went out front to my vehicle and low and behold it was clean! I then got inside, checked the Onstar, and it actually worked! I guess miracles never cease. All of this could have been prevented if their service personnel actually knew how to do things right the first time. #1 Cochran? Not in service.. not even close. At least there wont be a next time for me. From now on, Ill go elsewhere. Anyone who takes their vehicle to #1 Cochran in Robinson for service, GOOD LUCK! To sum up their service incompetent and unreliable! Enough said. Scott Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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