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EuropeFx, as the name suggests, is one of the topmost forex brokers in Europe and strangely, it has now started offering its services all across the world. This is indicative of the fact that EuropeFx doesn’t have a valid license to offer forex trading services across other countries like the US, Australia and many other Latin American countries. So, is the EuropeFx Scam just another fraudulent practice?

Well, Trustpilot and ForexPeaceArmy does indicate that because of the very fact that they have got a lot of 1-star ratings. And on top of that, we have seen a lot of angry customers fuming about how they lost a trade that they are supposed to win at EuropeFx. Sad but true.

To be honest, EuropeFx relies a lot on bots to make the trades for them. And they promote their bots as if they are created after endless hours of research across all domains of forex trading. But these bots are nothing but fake. They first show that the customer has made a lot of successful traders but soon after, when the customers invests a lot of money, it starts showing that the customer has made a huge loss. Sadly, the innocent trader things that it was his fault and curses himself.

A lot of traders want to trade with their own skillsets instead of relying on a bot. But for them, EuropeFx is not a good option because of the lack of MetaTrader 4 support. Sad but true, when such a big forex firm doesn’t provide MetaTrader support then something seems to be wrong. This indicated that they are not interested to provide customers with an authentic forex trading experience and all they want is to earn some quick money and then vanish all of a sudden.

The biggest reason why the EuropeFx scam was brought out to the general public was the fake credentials that they provided on the website. The address that they provided did not match any records and Google Maps did not show any office at that particular address. Also, the website claimed many things like so many trades per day and so many profits every single day which was clearly fake.

As of now, the website is no longer accessible and it can be deemed that a lot of people have already lost their money while trying to trade with EuropeFx.

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